Vertix Nano Sample Box (40pcs per box)

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Vertix needles are one of the most versatile tattoo needles in the market. Here you have 8 of the most commonly used cartridges. This sample pack lets you choose different configurations to help you decide which one works best for your style.



  • 1RL-.20
  • 1RL-.25
  • 1RL-.33
  • 3RLT-.20
  • 3RLT-.25
  • 3RLT-.33
  • 3UM-.25
  • 5UM-.25


It features a transparent, detachable tip for ink flow visibility, and to perform slight needle adjustments.

The proprietary dual side vents shell design helps the pigment breathe, while the decompressing vacuum action minimizes potential spraying and redirecting to the sides.

The low tension diaphragm to prevent back-flow while minimizing the machine's motor stress.

It is designed in the USA, CE certified and officially licensed.



  • Taper: long
  • Japanese Steel


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