Evenflo Colours | Lip Colour Modier Set

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The perfect dynamic trio that every artist needs in their collection. Neutralizer is a bright orange pigment with a warm undertone. Colorizer is a bright red pigment with a cool undertone. 

How to Use: 
Step 1: First session use Neutralizer with a Lip Blushing technique. In some cases, you may need to repeat this procedure after full healing if the client still has some purple, dark and cool tones on their lips. After complete healing lips will turn beige peach tone. 
Step 2: You can use the Colorizer after 60 days and between sessions. After complete healing, lips will turn a natural pinkish tone. 

Best Practice: 
Before tattooing and modifying dark lips, we recommend that you ask your client if they have a history of hyperpigmentation as these skin profiles are considered high risk and will produce undesired results. We do not recommend any artists with less than 2 years experience attempt this.


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